Elcon Megarad

Multi Electromechanical Trading Co

Elcon Megarad is the Italian company that designs, produces, tests and markets power cable accessories and components for electrical networks all around the world.

Our Research and Development department is ceaselessly active in setting innovative materials and technologies with particular attention to the several market demands. Our laboratories for materials characterization and high voltage testing support with the highest reliability the design and development of a wide range of joints and terminations for all the types of cables on the market, according to the CENELEC, IEC, IEEE, and ASTM standards.

Elcon Megarad management system is certified ISO 9001 and ISO  14001. Our Company cooperates since many years with several important Italian Universities.

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Tel: 962 6 5513693
Telefax: 962 6 5513694
P.O.Box: 2087, Amman 11953 - Jordan